SMC Members


SSIS School Management Committee (SMC) comprises of community members and the parents of students enrolled at SSIS as well as SSIS staff. With a total of 9 member candidates the school management meeting is held thrice every academic year.
Our SMC works with the school administration to manage and monitor school activities. The participation of the parents and the larger community lends us much-needed support on ways to bring about change and strengthens the school’s relationship with local community members. Our SMC members amd their respective designations are as listed below.
S. No.NameDesignation in SMC
1Sri. Sharanagouda PatilChairman
2Sri. L. ShivaprakashMember
3Dr. A. Vishwanath ReddyMember
4Sri. P. R. S. ChakravarthiMember Secretary
5Smt. Rachel Y. S.Member
6Smt. Sai Sangeetha P.Teacher Member
7Smt. Netravathi (Mahanteshwari)Teacher Member
8Smt. Kavya V. P.Parent Member