“Gardeners know that they don’t make plants grow. Plants grow themselves. The job of the gardener is to create the best conditions for that to happen” ~ Sir Ken Robinson

Likewise, to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn, we provide an environment to the student where, they are inspired and challenged.
At SSIS, we allow, encourage and make time in our curriculum for students to inquire, select, collaborate, use digital tools, and develop ideas- good or bad, so that can share and grow as learners in a variety of ways. We have adopted and embraced technology like no other, to inspire a generation of innovators.

  • Mr. Dudu – The Talking Tree.
  • An innovation that sets the Learning Experience Apart!
  • The school has adopted an interactive robotic Talking Tree – Mr. Dudu, a window into the world of Artificial Intelligence brought in, to delight the curious young minds.
  • Using audio–visual aids, the Robo-tree aims to bring alive the stories, introduce new concepts and ideas to your child.
  • The tree has proven to be particularly useful for shy and slow learners. He answers every question impartially and patiently, and takes away the child’s fear of asking the teachers.

Technology & Science park

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” ~ Confucius

Yes, that’s the beauty of science, and we have exploited this proverb to it’s full potential, to fulfil our promise of stimulating interest in science education among our students.

  • Our science park is an open air mini-museum with available cluster of science gadgets where ‘Young scientists’ can obtain hands-on practical exploration.
  • It’s a Play-way method of learning science recommended by Educationalists, scientists and psychologists world-wide.
  • Children learn the science behind THE SCIENCE.
  • Right from basic concepts like refraction of light through a prism, to the physics of sound and the properties of wave theory, students are exposed to the beauty of nature though a different lens.